Comenius 2 European In-Service Training Course on Group Dynamics and Social Skills in the Classroom


27 Sep 2004

Organized by Frederick Institute of Technology with the participation of 34 academics from 18 European Countries

The Frederick Institute of Technology organises a European Teachers Training Cource  in Pafos, at Droushia Heights Hotel, Droushia, starting on Friday the 1st until Thursday the 7th of October 2004.

The Course will be attended by 34 participants from 18 European countries and it will deal with the topic: Group Dynamics and Social Skills in the Classroom

The course originated as a EU Comenius project during the years 1999-2002 and Finland was the coordinator of the project with Sweden and Germany as partners. Finland organised the first course in August 2002 at Kuusamo and met with great success. The second course was held in Iceland and the third, the present one, will be held in Cyprus. There was so much interest from participants for the course in Cyprus that it will be repeated in April 2005.

Background of the Course.

There is a growing concern in schools regarding the effectiveness of social competence among pupils and teachers. The increase in violence, depression and behavioural problems reflect deficits in constructive communication, emotional competence, empathy and understanding otherness. Feelings of safety and satisfaction are at risk.

Aims of the Course

The Course aims to provide information and the acquisition of experiences on group dynamics and social skills together with tools to monitor group processes and develop better school and classroom climate; there will also be discussed practical ways for application in the classroom.