Preparatory Visits to Prospective Partners


The main objective of the action is to help higher education institutions (HEI) to establish contacts with prospective partner institutions with a view to establishing:

  • New Inter-institutional agreements (not renewals) relating to student and/or staff mobility;
  • Erasmus Intensive programmes;
  • Erasmus student placements.

The preparatory visit grant may be used to visit:

  • Either one or more prospective partner higher education institutions, which must be holders of en EUC;
  • Or an enterprise or related body where the establishment of a new scheme for Erasmus student placements or a staff mobility scheme involving an enterprise is the focus of the visit.

Preparatory visit grants may also be used to participate in a partner-finding "contact seminar" organised by a National Agency.

In addition, preparatory visit grants may be awarded to staff at other organisations for the purpose of helping them to establish consortia for the organisation of Erasmus student placements.

Who can benefit?

Grants are normally awarded to just one person per visit, but in exceptional cases two staff from the same institution may be awarded a grant to undertake a visit together, provided that their roles in the visit are clearly complementary.

Deadline for declaration of interest: submission of application form directly to the National Agency at least one month prior to departure.

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