Financial Information


Tuition Fees (Academic Year 2015-2016)

Tuition fees at Frederick Institute of Technology are charged by the number of ECTS credits each student undertakes each semester. Each academic year has 60 ECTS credits

  Euro per ECTS
All programmes of studies at Diploma and Bachelor level, except Office Administration  and Mechanical Infrastructure and Natural Oil & Gas Technician 83.50
Office Administration (2 years Diploma) 72.00
Mechanical Infrastructure and Natural Oil & Gas Technician 106.50
Optional courses for Mechanical Infrastructure and Natural Oil & Gas Technician: 108.50
Summer English Intensive course (one semester) 2300

Other Fees

Application Fee (is paid only once) 30
Registration Fee (for each semester) 25
Late Registration Fee 25
Transcript Fee (per additional copy) 5
Internet & e-mail (for each semester) 10
Graduation Fee (including academic gown) 50
Second examination fee (per course) 75
Student's activities 20


Subjects which are non-credited (NC) are subject to fees.

The Admissions Office will provide information on fees for other short foundation courses in English Language

It should be noted that FIT reserves the right to revise fees annually. The tuition fees are maintained unchanged for each student for two consecutive years.

Related Costs

Cost of living
It is estimated that, on average, a Cypriot student spends about 600 Euro per month for private accommodation, utilities, food and transportation. Of course, a budget is a very personal thing, depending on one’s preferences. The following list includes the prices of some basic goods that determine the cost of living. These prices aim to provide an indication:

Item Price in Euro
Restaurant meal 12,00-15,00 €
Bread loaf (0,5 kgr) 1,75 €
Milk (1 lt) 1,25 €
Chicken (1 kgr) 4,00 €
Filter coffee (250 kgr) 2,70 €
6-egg pack 1,45 €
Cinema ticket; 7,50 €
Concert ticket 35,00 €
Monday the 25th.

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