Strategy on international (EU and non-EU) cooperation projects


FIT is an institution of higher education which is deeply committed to an ever-increasing processes of implementation of international both EU and non-EU cooperation projects in teaching and training. The Institution participates in Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci program, helping both students and graduates respectively to have traineeship abroad.

FIT also encourage academic staff to undertake European and international projects. Students are also encouraged to participate in these projects. One of the key operational pillars of FIT is also the advancement and transfer of knowledge through basic and applied research work as well as the encouragement of the creative output of its faculty members. The FIT’s academic staff, either organized in multidisciplinary teams or individually, was involved in a range of research activities in various disciplines. Through these projects and the significant funding obtained, the Institution also improves its research and education infrastructures and its network of collaborators and associates, to complement the multidisciplinary knowhow required for state of the art research work.

Frederick Institute of Technology was one of the 19 European partners of the ELUBSYS (ENGINE LUBRICATION SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES) EC funded FP7 Large Collaborative project, that was coordinated by Techaspace Aero in Belgium with other major EU industrial and academic partners. The main focus for ELUBSYS was around new seal technologies (brush seals) that bear the promise of improving the engine propulsive efficiency by reducing the bleed air losses and demonstrate the capability to withstand the harsh environment of aero engines. FIT’s involvement was in the investigation of the performance and endurance of brush seals through the development and run of accurate CFD models of the required flow patterns. Project website:

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