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Frederick Institute of Technology is a leading research institution of the higher education sector in Cyprus. A key element of the FIT culture is to further enhance its standing as a research-intensive institution by creating a vibrant centre of internationally significant research.

Frederick Research Centre

Frederick Research Centre (FRC), the research arm of Frederick Institute of Technology (FIT), is a non-profit organization established in June 1995.

Aims of FRC

  • advance the basic and applied scientific research in Cyprus
  • provide adequate academic environment to scientific personnel to initiate, explore and develop their scientific activities
  • support students of the Frederick Institute of Technology in the completion of their diploma/degree projects, offering them the possibility to get involved into research projects
  • develop close contacts with local industry and other business

The Centre's activities cover a wide interdisciplinary spectrum in the fields of Engineering, Physical and Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Economics and Finance, Business Administration, Human Resources and Training, Arts, Pre-primary and Primary Education, etc.

Members of the FRC are the faculty of the Frederick Institute of Technology, and independent scientists outside the FIT that promote their research through their collaboration with the FRC. The members of the Centre are highly qualified, have long experience in the implementation of independent and high quality research and have to demonstrate a rich publication record.

The Research Centre has noteworthy research activities. The Center participates as promoter or as participant in a number of research projects funded by the European Union, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, the Greek Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology, the Cyprus Planning Bureau, and the private sector. A rather important element of the Centre is the development of a remarkable network of collaborations with universities and research centers outside Cyprus, as well as with the private sector, in Cyprus and abroad. Aim of these collaborations is the promotion of the scientific knowledge and the study and solution of real life problems. This network of collaborations is continuously expanded.

Furthermore, the Frederick Research Centre promotes the involvement of students of the Frederick Institute of Technology in research programs through the realization of the student's final projects. FIT students, under the supervision of their academic advisors, undertake to study and to bring into a completion small parts of scientific research projects. This way, they are getting involved in the research process and they realize the educational opportunities that a research project offers them.

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