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At Frederick Institute of Technology students are considered for admission on the basis of their academic qualifications, regardless of sex, race, colour or religion.


Undergraduate Admission

Candidates for either a diploma or a bachelor degree programme should submit a school leaving certificate from a recognised six-form secondary school (high school) with an average grade of 75% (Greek Cypriot secondary schools) or a grade of "C" or its equivalent (other secondary schools), or equivalent qualifications. Candidates who submit a six-form secondary school leaving certificate but do not meet the above grade requirements may be admitted on a probationary status, if they show potential for educational advancement. The probationary status will be removed, subject to a satisfactory academic performance. Candidates admitted on probationary status may also be required to enrol in foundation courses in order to improve their skills and/or to take reduced load.

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Freshman Admission

Refers to candidates who are applying directly from secondary school and who have no previous further or higher education experience.

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Transfer Admission

Students who have graduated from a six form secondary school, and have completed college level work at an institution other than FIT, are eligible to apply for transfer admission. Such candidates should possess the following qualifications:

  • A six form secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent qualifications.
  • Official transcripts (grade reports) and syllabi (course descriptions) for all college and university coursework taken to date.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00.

Transcripts and syllabi should accompany the application form along with all other required documents. Transcripts are evaluated by the relevant department for the determination of the number of credits to be transferred in accordance with the FIT curriculum requirements.

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Graduate Admission

Candidates for a graduate programme must submit a recognised bachelor degree or qualifications deemed to be equivalent to degree level as well as the official transcripts (grade reports) of their first-degree studies, and a high school leaving certificate. In addition, there could be special requirements for various graduate programmes.

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Students seeking readmission should complete a new application form for consideration. International students applying for readmission should in addition observe the entry visa procedure requirements.

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English Language Requirements

A good knowledge of the English language is essential as nearly all courses are taught in English.

Candidates who are not competent in the English language will need to attend a Foundation Course in English Language before starting their course. There are foundation courses of different lengths and levels, depending on the student's knowledge of the English language. Foundation courses commence at the beginning of the summer vacations (Summer English Intensive Course) as well as at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

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Marticulated Students

A matriculated student is one who has been accepted as a candidate for a degree course. Matriculated students may enrol for either full-time or part-time study. A full-time student is one who carries at least 12 credits each semester. A part-time student may enrol for a maximum of 11 credits each semester.

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When to Apply

Frederick Institute of Technology academic year consists of the fall and spring semesters. The FIT calendar is arranged so that students may start classes either during the last week of September or the first week of February. Candidates may submit an application for admission to any of the semesters. Due to the fact that formalities for the issue of an entry visa take at least six weeks, candidates from other countries are urged to file an application at least eight weeks prior to the expected date of enrolment. Students are expected to be on campus prior to the beginning of the intended semester. In response to arising need, courses could be provided within the summer period.

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