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Social life in tertiary education is often very active and vibrant and this is something we want to encourage in parallel to your studying. Excluding the numerous opportunities that Cyprus offers for leisure activities, FIT aims at supporting students in having an enjoyable stay throughout their studies.

Students enjoy weekend or vacation excursions to the countryside. Such outings offer an opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow students and staff away from the classroom routine. There are also opportunities to learn traditional Cyprus dances and songs and to participate in plays and theatre life. Musical programmes and folk evenings are often organized at selected nightspots.

Participating in Clubs and Societies at FIT: Opportunities to meet People

Opportunity to Meet People
Studies are very important to students, but students need to strike a balance between academic and social outlets. A great way to meet the need is through student clubs and societies, which give students the opportunity to participate in many social and cultural activities. Getting involved is a good way for students to meet new friends and make the most of their stay as part of the FIT community. Participation in clubs and societies exposes them to new life experiences; helps develop valuable leadership skills and abilities, and provides opportunities to express creativity and talent. Students are encouraged to get involved from their very first day at FIT.

International Clubs and Societies

International students come from many countries around the world. To assist in the transition from home, students can join the various clubs and organizations at FIT and have the opportunity for a strong and eventful campus life. Bangladeshi Students Association, Indian Students Association, Arab Students Association, Pakistani Students Association and Chinese Students Association are just a few of the club associations organized by the FIT students. Students participate in special cultural events, and recreational activities. The Student Affairs Officer is eager to answer questions and can put students in contact with any student leader or organization.

Sporting Life

The Institute is a member of the “Cyprus University Sports Federation” and considers athletics as an integral part of the educational process at FIT. The Institute seeks to promote and stimulate the interest and participation of students in sports.

Teams and club activities are common features of the Institute’s life. Sport Clubs include football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, squash, handball and others the members of which participate in various championships.

Student Union

All students are de facto members of the Student Union. The main objectives of the Student Union are to promote the general welfare of the student community to encourage participation in the various aspects of Institute life, to broaden the educational experience of all students and to represent students at various committees of the Institute. The Union is also active in promoting communication and understanding among students of various origins and cultures.

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